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  • Installation Professionals!

    Installation Professionals!

    Dande West has been formally schooled in wood floor installations by the National Wood Floor Association. We are installation professionals, we are craftsmen! Read More
  • Refinishing Masters!

    Refinishing Masters!

    We have 18 years of refinish experience as a company. We are refinishing masters, we are craftsmen! Read More
  • Repair & Fix Experts!

    Repair & Fix Experts!

    In almost all situations, the floor can be repaired to pre-disaster condition. We are repair and fix experts, we are craftsmen! Read More
  • If you are interested in a new staircase or a new pre-finished floor.
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  • If you have an old wood floor that just needs restoration
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  • Need Repair? Many homes have wood floors under their carpet. if you find pet stains, they cannot be removed through the refinishing process.
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    Repair & Fix

Since 1994, Dande West Hardwood Flooring has been the “good guy” in the flooring business. We use legal contracting companies who strive to perform quality work that abides by the California Contractors State Contractors Licensing Board. We avoid the mainstream flooring contractor model and stay away from big box stores, undocumented workers, and unlicensed contractors. We’re passionate about or trade, and stay updated on all of the best flooring techniques and practices. We make sure our work is done right, and at a competitive price as well.

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