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You Made It!

We Are CraftsmenWelcome! I'm so glad you're here. What you're going through is tough, and we know it. You have found a good place for all your flooring needs, and lucky to be here. Anything that can be done to wood flooring - we can do. For example we can supply any brand and install, refinish, repair, restore, or even advise which type or brand is fit for the application. Call us now and we can set up an appointment. Or... call us with questions if you get stuck doing your own work. We like to talk about floors!

As professional contractors licensed by the State of California, we exemplify the fiduciary responsibility all contractors should have to their customers - and we meet this standard every time  We are honest and have the talent, experience and resources to help. We also have the most important ingredient - integrity.

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Why Hire Dande West?

It all started with the C-15 license in 1994. It soon became obvious that this work is fun and satisfying which led to the advanced training.

In this current state of the economy, Dande West remains competitive. It is more cost efficient to do the work correctly the 1st time than to compromise and either be un-satisfied or do it again. We offer the lowest cost while yet being compliant with the standards of the California Contracting Board.

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How to Pick a Contractor

As a shopper is drawn to the lowest price, they also draw the worst contractors to their home. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd notes at the top make up a simple list for choosing a contractor with less risk, and it works for any home improvement project you may consider (like plumbing, roofing, etc.). A few bad contractors have made all contractors appear badly. Sometimes this is true - but not for most of us! Be careful!

  • Only select a licensed contractor
  • Ask for recent references
  • Then.... consider price

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Common Fallacies

Common FallaciesThe lowest price is the best?

Carpet stores and Big Box stores offer little or no improvement in skill, talent or professionalism over an un-licensed person offering to do the same work. BE CAREFUL!! To make their "low" price work they can only afford the cheapest labor. Individuals who sell their labor at the cheapest rate have no marketable talent, and are desperate. A true wood floor contractor is a journeyman who has invested many years in the craft. A skilled journeyman would never work for a carpet or Big Box store. It's a matter of pride.

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Customer Feedback

These are real letters, but their identifications have been omitted either for their privacy, or because they wanted too much for their royalty fees! More are added all the time, so check back. To leave feedback, please go to the Contacts page.

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